Breastfeeding or Formula Milk? What is Best for You?

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mBrace Maternity supports breastfeeding and believes in its benefits for both, mother and baby. However, the choice of breastfeeding or formula feeding is personal, and each woman should be able to make her own decisions without suffering from criticisms. It is expected that every mother wants the best for her child, but the choice of breastfeeding or formula feeding is personal and what is best for one family might not be the best for another.

If you think that breastfeeding is the right choice for your family and you are able to nurse your child, we are more than happy to help you look fantastic at every moment of this new journey in your motherhood.
mBrace Maternity offers nursing clothes for breastfeeding that go beyond the traditional polka dots and dull colours. Polka dots can even look like spilt milk all over your clothes, and that is not what we call stylish. Our nursing designs are creative, fun and incredibly comfy. All of our fabrics feel incredibly soft on the skin.

We put together in this article some of the many benefits of breastfeeding to help women who are looking for information regarding this matter. You can also find some tips at the end of this article on how to overcome the difficulties of the beginning of breastfeeding your LO.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, breast is best, period. However, there are a few conditions for mother and baby when breastfeeding is not recommended.

Formulas can not match breast milk's in its exact composition. Why? The reason for that is that breast milk is a living substance made by each mother for her individual infant. This process that can not be duplicated in a factory. - according to Nemours, pediatric health system

Breastfeeding also can help mothers with calories burning and the shrinking of the uterus post-partum. This allows breastfeeding mothers to return to their shape and weight much faster. Breastfeeding also reduces the risk of breast cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease in women.
Most of the mothers are able to breastfeed their babies, meaning that they can breastfeed within the first hour of their baby's life. Breast milk exclusively for the first 6 months of life and the continuity of breastfeeding along with the right complementary foods up to 2 years of age or beyond is recommended by experts.

Breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months is particularly beneficial for mothers and infants. And here is why:

The positive effects of breast milk on the health of infants and their mothers are observed in all settings.

The act of breastfeeding lowers the risk of infections such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, ear infection, meningitis, Haemophilus influenza and urinary tract infection. It can also protect against chronic conditions in the child's future such as ulcerative colitis, type I diabetes and Crohn's disease. Breast milk during infancy is associated with lower mean blood pressure and total serum cholesterol, and with a lower prevalence of obesity during adolescence and adult life and also type-2 diabetes. It also delays the return of a woman's fertility and lowers the risks of post-partum haemorrhage, pre-menopausal breast cancer and ovarian cancer, according to the NCBI website.

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However, some conditions of the infant or his mother may justify recommending that she should not breastfeed temporarily or permanently. These conditions are listed here along with some other health conditions of the mother that, although serious, are not medical reasons for using formula.

Breastfeeding an infant is extremely tiring and requires a tremendous amount of effort and patience from the new mother. As breast milk is digested quickly by the infants and they have small tummies, your baby will be hungry very often. You will have the feeling that he is always hanging from your nipples. The best you can do about it is to nap whenever your baby falls asleep. Even if for a few minutes.
Your body needs the rest. If you have the chance to do so, ask people around you to help with housekeeping, cooking, etc. Something that might help is to cook and freeze food for the family and put on small food containers.  You can choose to cook a few easy and fast recipes, freeze them in small food containers and that's it! You are free from cooking duty for a while.

 It can also be very painful in the beginning. Your nipples can be compared to your feet when you start wearing a new pair of shoes, and they give you blisters. There are some amazingly good nipple creams on the market. Lanoline oil, specific for this issues, has incredible healing properties. It is commonly used in baby creams used to treat baby bum rashes.

After a while, it all goes away, and breastfeeding becomes more like a routine. You can even find yourself nursing your child while doing other activities. Some mothers love the slings! That's because they keep the baby close to your body, so it is less likely that your LO will cry. They make it very easy to feed if the child is in the right position to do so. We advise on wearing a nursing top or breastfeeding dress so that the access to your breasts is easy.  Again, you can save time and energy and shop online. Click here to find what is trendy and fashionable in the nursing fashion!

Keep in mind that whenever breastfeeding, you need to make sure that your baby will have enough space to move his head when necessary and that he is not entirely covered. You need to be able to watch him to avoid suffocation hazards.

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With time, your baby will feed fewer times, and it won't be so overwhelming. Your baby will grow so fast that you will probably wish things would slow down so that you could have your LO very little for longer.

The benefits of breastfeeding an infant should be weight against the reasons not to do so. But this is a mother's choice, and if after all the information regarding breastmilk and formula milk is given a mother decides for formula feeding, she should not be judged for doing so.

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