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Not a million years ago, maternity clothes comprised of a white apron, and you needed to wear a headscarf covering your hair to complete the look.

Oooh, Matron!

The apron was the flexible friend. As your body out-grew your regular clothes, the apron replaced the now-too-small shirts. Fast-forward out of the middle ages and into Generation Millennium, and thankfully we have a few more options. Options that give you the freedom to continue hitting the gym, going to the yoga studio and continue working until the birthing-day.

Maternity fashion provides all the comfort that a growing bump requires from clothes. Wearing clothes from before pregnancy during the second and third semesters should be avoided. They won't fit as beautifully as they once did. Your dresses will look more like a long t-shirt over your bump. If you can't spend too much on maternity clothes, you can buy just a few maternity dresses. They are the best because if it is cold, you can add tights and a jacket to complete the outfit. If warm, just sandals or comfortable ballerinas and you are done! Fashionable and comfy!

You can find amazing options online, from the comfort of your home. This comes in handy especially later in pregnancy when you don't have so much energy and your legs start to feel tired quickly. This happens during the second and third trimesters when you need maternity clothes the most. So, you can just sit back, relax and do all your shopping online like a good millennial mama.

Throughout the last centuries, mothers-to-be didn't have shops catering for their maternity fashion needs. Instead of shopping for new maternity clothes, the clothes you already had were altered, seams were opened allowing for the growing body parts. From the 13th, running into the 14th century, with the catwalks of Milan and Paris not quite in full flow,  the clothes in your closet were basic, and not fitted to follow the form of the body.

Starting in the 14th century, women’s fashions developed and began to hug the curves and reveal more of the feminine features.
The wealthy citizens in the world´s metropoles were the leading force for maternity wear becoming a status symbol to be copied by the masses.

In the early 1600s, the first noted maternity gown called the Adrienne dress made its entree onto the world stage. This was a gown comprised of multiple layers of flowing fabric that would unfold and expand with the growing belly underneath. A fine example of this dress can be seen hanging in the Tate Gallery in London, painted by the Flemish painter, Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger.

If the pregnant woman were going outside, she would wear a man´s waist-coat on top, which could be tightened and loosened by adjusting straps.
Moving on a further 100 years, and in the 1700s, a bib was added to the maternity dresses. The bib was a flap of fabric which could be lifted to allow the nursing mother to breastfeed comfortably.

It took a further 200 years before maternity wear developed much more...and with the advent of television and media, following the lives of the famous, the choice for maternity wardrobes was forced to update.

The paparazzi forced the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Demi Moore, Princess Diana, Katie Holme and, Kate Middleton to continually be up to date, and leading the fashion world during their pregnancies. The series Mad Men (season 3) is worth watching (not just) for the chance to see the collection of 1960s maternity dresses and peignoirs worn by one of the main characters.

From 1998 to 2003, the maternity clothes market grew 10%. The series Friends had "Rachel" proceeding through her pregnancy with a solid 24 million viewers per episode. The series promoted the idea that a pregnant woman could look hip and sexy through the different phases of growth.

These days, the choice is all yours. Whether it is modern and sexy, bohemian garments, body-hugging stretch dress...you are living in the best time ever to style and accentuate your bump.

mBrace Maternity has a wide range of stylish maternity dresses and trendy nursing clothes. They are full of fun and creativity, made for a modern woman who wants to be beautiful at all times.

All the maternity designs are to be casual and smart casual. They were thought to provide a maximum of comfort for the millennial women who are not stuck inside the house anymore. They need to go to work, exercise at the gym, meet friends for a drink, in other words, women can have a life! And mBrace Maternity knows your needs and will provide you with the best maternity clothes and the most comfortable nursing dresses for breastfeeding.

You can find sexy and the latest bohemian trends on the online shop. The super stylish maternity crop tops, together with a bodycon style maternity dress make a perfect mix for a young, sexy and fashionable maternity look. If you need maternity clothes for work, a wedding or a special dinner out, you can also find amazingly affordable options online. Even your non-pregnant friends will be jealous of your new maternity outfits! Have fun!!

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