Mara Martin: the model who breastfed her baby on the Catwalk

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Mara Martin is a model who recently showed up breastfeeding her baby girl called Aria on the catwalk during the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit show in Miami this year. Her attitude became news all over the internet and most famous newspapers. Like everything else in this world, there are people pro and against the act. What can't be denied is that she is indeed "empowering" breastfeeding and helping to normalise it.

Women have conquered many rights during the past decades. However, it isn't uncommon to have some sexism or prejudice in their daily lives still. There is a long path to go until men and women can be seen and treated with equity.
When a woman chooses to breastfeed her baby over the use of formula milk, the breast milk is all that her baby will drink for months. It is proved that the mother's milk is digested quickly and therefore, breastfed babies are hungry very often. When a mother decides for breastfeeding her baby in public, she is merely meeting the needs of her baby. The baby can't wait! Most of the nursing mamas feel under pressure by doing so. The judgemental eyes are all around.   


model breastfeeding her baby


If you are a breastfeeding mom, here are some tips on how to do it comfortably whenever it is required:

  • First of all: know your rights. If you are in the USA, each State has its own law regarding breastfeeding in public. You can find more detailed information regarding breastfeeding in public here .

  • Buy some fashionable and comfy nursing dresses for breastfeeding. They will be a lifesaver whenever you need to be out for more than 20 minutes. The best ones have a front panel that you can lift up. Often, people can't even tell if you are breastfeeding or if the baby is sleeping in your arms. mBrace Maternity has some very comfortable designs, all made from natural fibres and creative motifs. If you are tired of the polka dots and stripes, they are a good option.


fashionable breastfeeding dress woman on the street



  • Wear easy to pull up or down bras. The- not tight- sports bras are very good at that. You will feel happy about not having to struggle with your old support bras. On top of that, your breast will be much bigger than before, and the sports bras give you support and are comfortable at the same time.

  • Wear a sling or baby-wrap: They make it possible and easy for you to breastfeed your baby in public as the material of the baby carrier will hide the baby and your breasts. You will find the best position for yourself, and many mothers even prefer to walk while breastfeeding their babies. Again, having a proper nursing dress can be the best alternative. All you got to do is to lift up the breastfeeding panel.

  • Be always ready: if you feel that you might need, you can print a copy of the breastfeeding laws of where you are located and leave it in your bag.

  • Stay away from restrooms. It is understandable that you can feel uncomfortable breastfeeding your baby in public, especially if you have unfriendly faces all around. However, these ambients are not suitable for breastfeeding. They are very often, dirty and smelly. Even if they look clean, there are germs all around, and you have to make sure your child will stay away from them.

Breastfeeding is essential and necessary for young babies who are breastfed exclusively. An extended period without nursing can have severe consequences on an infant's health.


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  • I love this story! She was amazing, this model!

    Adele Ontiveros on

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