About Us

Dear mommy,

mBrace Maternity was created to meet the needs of women looking for stylish maternity outfits and comfy nursing clothes for breastfeeding that go beyond the so common polka dots and stripes.

Many pregnant women complain that they can have a hard time looking for different and stylish maternity clothes during their pregnancy time. Polka dots and stripes are ok, but when your whole closet is filled only with them, it can be very frustrating.

Our handmade designs of casual nursing clothes are for women who breastfeed and are looking for something more unique than just a breastfeeding dress. Our maternity outfits are made to be unique, stylish and comfortable. They are casual and fun but still give your body an elegant shape. They are inspired by the latest trends in fashion and the bodycon dress culture that is coming back with its full strength. Our maternity and nursing outfits are to be worn mostly on the daytime, substituting the heels for comfortable sneakers or sandals. 

Having a baby and becoming a mother is a life-changing experience. If you’re among those able to breastfeed and feel like it’s the right fit for your family, you’re going to need to think about what you wear in a whole new way.

Nowadays many women are nursing their babes for a full year or beyond, so you may need to think about your maternity and nursing wardrobe for a lot longer than a few months! And imagine how great it would be if you didn't have to change it all over again looking for nursing clothes when the baby is born? The breastfeeding period consumes a lot of energy and time from women, and you won't be wanting to stress about what you wear. The best thing to do is investing in maternity dresses that you love, and that can also be used for breastfeeding purposes.

Our stylish maternity outfits have a discrete front panel for breastfeeding that will make this moment very private even in public spaces.

mBrace Maternity wants you to feel beautiful during this time of your life because we know how hard the work is!!

Be beautiful with mBrace Maternity!