How to contact mBrace Maternity?

If you need any help, have doubts regarding a product or want to give your feedback, please use the contact us via email. We will reply to all of them.



What is the mBrace Maternity shop?

mBrace Maternity is much more than just a maternity fashion brand. All of our handmade maternity dresses were carefully designed to provide you comfort and style for the daily needs of a mother's life. They are to be casual maternity dresses mostly but can also turn out to be smart and sexy depending on the accessories you chose to wear. We want you to have fun maternity outfits and nursing clothes for breastfeeding that will give you a smile as soon as you look at yourself in the mirror.

    Based in Tieckstr. 30- Berlin. Germany

Do you have a size chart?

    Our designs are made to be very stretchy and to follow your body as it grows during pregnancy and returns to its original shape afterwards. If your gain of weight is considered normal, you should pick up the size you had before pregnancy.

    If your size is not available, don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance: info@mbrace-maternity.com.


I want to know more information about a specific product. How can I do it?

    We try to give accurate and as much information as possible about all our designs in the product description including the colour, materials and of course plenty of photos, that you can zoom in on to have a closer look at the details.
    If you do need any more information, send an email to:

    info@mbrace-maternity.com and we'll do our best to help you out.

Why should I have my account at mBrace Maternity?

    Before placing an order, our customers need to create an account. When you log in to your personal account, your details will already be stored so that you don't need to enter them all over again when placing a new order.


Can I order from mBrace Maternity if I am not based in Europe?

mBrace Maternity accepts payments securely via PayPal, which means that we can receive payments worldwide. For orders placed outside of Europe, it is your responsibility to claim any tax back. Customs or import duties levied once the package reaches your destination country will be your responsibility as we can not have control over the charges and therefore cannot predict them.

Has my order been sent yet?

    We know that you want your new maternity or nursing outfit as soon as possible, so we’ll email you when it’s been dispatched to let you know.
How can I cancel my order?

    Once you place your order, you can cancel it always before despatch. In this case, contact us at info@mbrace-maternity.com for further assistance.

How can I change or add items to my order?

    You can change your order anytime before despatch. If it is necessary, please contact us at info@mbrace-maternity.com for further assistance.

Part of my order is missing!

    Sometimes we might not send everything you purchased at the same time. Please check your emails for information on whether the remainder of your order will follow. If we have not been able to supply all the products in your order, we’ll email you to inform you and only take payment for what we have already despatched.
    If the delivery email note says an item should be in your parcel but isn’t, please contact customer service team -
info@mbrace-maternity.com, and we will look into it.

How can I pay for my orders?

    All of our payments are tota securely processed via PayPal. You can quickly open an account for secure payments here: https://www.paypal.com.

How safe is it to order online?

    When you give your name, address or other personal details on to the website, all the information given is protected by the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This encrypts your details and makes sure that the information you provide cannot be read if in an unlikely event it is intercepted.
    If you are not sure if the SSL security is being applied, check that there is a Padlock or Key icon in the grey bar where you have the website´s address.